Thursday, January 28, 2010


J, do you get it? Monday's post was titled, 'R and D', and today's is DNR. As in, 'Do Not Resuscitate', which is the Republican response to health care reform, especially after last night's SOTU. [What is with all of these abbreviations lately: SOTU, SCOTUS. Oh, they scot'us alright; we're totally scot'ed.]
re Obama's message: nice speechifying! J, don't we know another charismatic African-American who is not President but also a gifted public speaker? Natural born leaders? Well he's got oration, now we just need action to back it up.

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J-say said...

Oratory will only get you so far.......and I hate to take out the "I told you so" baseball bat and bludgeon you across the head with it, but WTF! This is almost exactly what concerned me most about climbing aboard the Obama bandwagon.....the more I see and the more he talks, the more jaded and cynical I become about his capacity to get anything substantive accomplished. I don't blame him directly, but he really should have been able to force the democrats (Blue Dog or otherwise) into exercising their majority and executing some of this change that we voted him into office for in the first place!