Wednesday, November 3, 2010

+1, -2

= a negative number!  Some part of me wanted to wait for the inevitable spin that comes from last night.  But man, do we love the Rude Pundit sometimes.  Click the link on the right to read his post today.

And then there's this blurb of reporting: so he thought about it, but didn't take action?  Sounds about right. 

At one point last night, also via the Y! home page, there was a line about how the GOP won with tea party help.  So much to say and so little patience to say it with.  J may have a different take, but here's mine, and it's as twisted in delivery as can be when trying to make any sense of this coming nightmare:  the Republican party co-opted tea party 'anger' and 'resentment' whenever it could; a few movement conservative billionaires duped the very people that would have no business being within a voting booth's throw of any established and sane candidate.  To butcher the point another way: all tea party candidates were Republicans; not all Republicans are tea partiers, nor would they ever be.  Some nutbars won, some didn't.  But none of them will ever govern, because that wasn't the plan.  So, you can certainly fool enough of the people, most of the time, to win a mid-term election in a down economy with a no-spine majority.  Congratulations, America.  Democracy rules, we're #1, yeah !!! 
... but just remember, "1 is the loneliest number" ... 

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