Friday, December 3, 2010

the Full Cynical, 2010

Has it already been another year?  J, have you ever been as disappointed in a politician, let alone a President, as I am in this guy?  Compared to W., sure, he was going to appear more to the left, but I never expected him to be a true liberal lion.  However, not only has he shown he can't fight, he can't stand up or even clearly convey what he stands for.  And now he's already looking punch-drunk, throwing in the towel when the other side hasn't even stepped into the ring.  Michael Buffer hasn't started his catchphrase, "Let's get ready to ruuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmble".  No, wait, Obama's on the canvas, spitting up blood from punches yet to be thrown from his own shadow-boxing. 

Look only at the tax-cut issue as but 1 example: a major political party is holding this hostage (can you guess which one?).  Obama is so bad at negotiating [how bad is he? ... ], he is so bad, he's telling the hostage-taker, 'stop! don't do anything rash! I'll kneecap myself first, and then you can take me instead!'  It sickens me as a citizen to see what's happening.  He reads a paper, he is not stupid or intellectually 'un-curious' (like the guy he replaced)!  There has to be a West Wing episode in all of this, where the fictional unlikely hero-candidate wins, then immediately upon taking the oath of office, sits down and says, "Alright, I can't believe we won, so how do we get re-elected in 4 years?"  Then the lackey loyalist pipes up, "What about governing?  All those campaign promises?"  And the President replies, "Say what?"  What else could possibly be going on?  Thus, we get the Full Cynical 2010.  With some Ditto, amen, yes plus, thrown in for good measure.
Happy Holidays, and good luck in 2011.

PS, this.  Money quote for me:
Whatever is going on inside the White House, from the outside it looks like moral collapse — a complete failure of purpose and loss of direction.
PPS, quick J, find us a copyright lawyer so we can trademark the Full Cynical before it's too late.  Then, we can use the money from said trademark to buy some progressives, right?  FDL certainly puts the 'en fuego' in FDL.  It's the cave that keeps on caving.  [J, maybe I should have saved that last line to title another post?]  But 1 more point here (and then I need to be finished): it takes a special kind of person to tick off both sides to the extreme as here.  The FDLs of the blogoworld are not alone in lamenting the lack of leadership, the wimpy/wussy theme; at the same time, the batshades on the right still want to call him Hitler and a secret Muslim socialist.  Even I get that socialism and fascism are on opposite sides.  But if the far-right gets to keep up the HIGHpocritical labeling, and the left gets to come at him from the other side, wow, that is one special conflation of a clusterF^&K.

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