Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NAILed it !

As in, "nail in the coffin" of this country. I wish there was a way that Matt Taibbi could explain as forcefully what the frikk we're supposed to do now. You'll have plenty of time to read this long piece, meandering amid the ruins of what was once a god-fearing, hard-working upstart nation. But if you don't survive the impending doomsday, here's a short excerpt to drive that final nail home:
That roll of the eyes is a key part of the psychology of Paulsonism. The state is now being asked not just to call off its regulators or give tax breaks or funnel a few contracts to connected companies; it is intervening directly in the economy, for the sole purpose of preserving the influence of the megafirms. In essence, Paulson used the bailout to transform the government into a giant bureaucracy of entitled assholedom, one that would socialize "toxic" risks but keep both the profits and the management
of the bailed-out firms in private hands. Moreover, this whole process would be done in secret, away from the prying eyes of NASCAR dads, broke-ass liberals who read translations of French novels, subprime mortgage holders and other such financial losers.

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J-say said...

The Rolling Stone article was extremely informative and down right scary. I know Hollywood has already made this movie, but the storyline is absolutely chilling. Guy runs for Prez in the midst of a national crisis. The country is mired in an unwinnable war that is costing billions, gas prices are spiraling out of contol, unemployment is surging, constitutional and human rights are evaporating, our international reputation is laughable and the people are downright pissed. Along comes the great "black" hope. An inspirational and charismatic leader that says all the right things, inspires people to to get involved, captivates the imaginations of millions and dares to articulate his vision for a country "by and for" the people. Lo and behold, the man gets elected and he is viewed as the country's salvation. But he quickly learns that President of the United States is simply a role in one big gigantic Hollywood production. It's Capricorn-freakin-One and nothing is real! The great "black" hope discovers that he is nothing but a puppet to the super powerful, uber rich, corporate giants that make all of these global decisions on their corporate jets on their way to a private island. It's all about power. Those who have it control all the money and get to make all the big decisions that determine who gets the money, and in turn more power. That's why presidents go into office looking one way and less than a year later they look like they have been beaten-up in some dark alley somewhere. It's because their very souls have been sucked from them.....assimilated by the "corporate Borg". I am beginning to think that everything needs to burn to the ground before it can ever have a chance of getting better.
I have spent some time in Vancouver.....beautiful city......how many people want to move to BC with me?