Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Debate #2: Twitter-style + bonus material

@mittens: Hey, how about that 1st debate, huh?  Mo' bizness, mo' bizness, mo' bizness.  +
Of course my math works, I just said it does, weren't you listening? There I said it again. 
- to women and immigrants: who ya gonna believe, me or my binders?  [btw, I'm not a douche, I just play one on TV]
- to moderator: where's that old guy who I bullied last time?

@hopey-changey: How about that 2nd debate, huh?  Now, STFU and vote!
- to mittens: Hulk smash.
More respectful, polite* version: If you had answers instead of lies, you would have said 'em by now.

@candyC's store: defund THIS, baby!  I ate Jim Lehrer's milkshake.

Since we really don't know how this all ends up, can we at least acknowledge:
(a) that the still-undecideds are morons, of the order of Idiocracy, and too out of it to be trusted with voting at all?
(b) that if the 1st debate was such a game-changer for the guy who lied his way through it (even though challengers often best incumbents, and even though debates aren't supposed to have that much of an impact on the overall election), then the 2nd debate should matter just as much?  Seriously, can anyone explain why Romney "winning" on style & optics 2 weeks ago allows him to overcome all of the reasons he was behind all year long, but Obama winning on style, substance, facts, optics, etc., wouldn't stop that momentum, or more importantly, reverse it?

*bonus hack-tastic false equivalence from AP's recap this morning: 'Romney pushed back forcefully on the economy'... Really, 'forceful'?  I don't recall ever seeing such disrespect for a sitting President; not just de-legitimizing his election victory in 2008, but often, his very existence.  From Joe Wilson's "you lie!" to last night's in-your-face haranguing, which, as Chris Hayes pointed out afterward on MSNBC, was another example of the ruling class ignoring the very debate rules that Team Etch-a-Sketch had agreed to beforehand.  Talk about 'uppity'.  I really thought it showed the robot's true character, if that's even possible; was he trying to get Obama to take a swing, or shove him, as if they were on Jerry Springer?  I have a suggestion for anyone who can't vote for the black guy: vote for his white half, the one who still takes donations from Citi group; the one who kept Geithner at Treasury; in other words, vote for the Obama you have, not the one you wish you had.  Sure, if he did half as well in the 1st debate, none of this would be relevant; he'd be on his way to an easy re-election. But it took his nose-dive last time to wake his ass up this time. So deal with the reality that for all the faults, Obama is still the most qualified to be President.  Just saying you were Governor and you know about business because you were in the private sector, that's not a reality that qualifies you for anything.

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