Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Big Letdownski

Or, as I tweeted this morning (didn't know I had a twitter acct, huh, J?):  Clint Eastwood feeling vindicated after last night's debate. New score: Invisible Chair 1, Empty Suit 1.

Talk about a case of mistaken identity?!  All of our links to the right say Romney "won" this 1st debate, because Obama played it too safe.  J's own version goes something like this:  'professorial…presidential…grown-up…intelligent'.  None of these adjectives and no amount of spin matter right now. O sh** the bed big time…what a pussy!
He needs to throw Mittens under the bus with all of the right wing nut bars that comprise the Republican party...make him own that ship of fools. He also needs to refute this garbage that he can’t “work across the aisle”…that is complete horse hooey….especially when it has been so widely publicized and overtly obvious that the repukes were doing everything to sabotage his agenda and legislation...just look at the freakin votes and filibusters!!'

J continued -- 'The way O kept looking down and taking notes last night made him look ashamed and small. Can he possibly believe that he is going to win again on passionate and lofty speeches delivered from teleprompters. I hate to say it, but he is playing right into the hands of the people that hate him and want him out. I agree 100% about the “fight” issue. He has to show that he wants to win and that he is passionate about his beliefs and what needs to be done to fix the current state of affairs. “That’s not my view” simply doesn’t cut it. Romney challenged him on so many things last night that went completely without response…..was he just unprepared? [Rollah note: a President would be prepared for a debate].  Does he not think well on his feet? Obviously he is a smart guy, but maybe he is someone who really needs time to collect his thoughts before he responds. Unfortunately, debating often doesn’t allow for that kind of long, deliberative and thoughtful response.'

I didn't even watch, and I still felt the same way last night.  What little sleep I got did not help me feel better this morning.  Continuing with all of the boxing metaphors, the President could have ended this fight once and for all.  He could have scored the knock-out, but he didn't come to fight.  He let a guy who was beaten get up off the mat, while he danced around the ring. Now he better pray he wins the fight on points. It's going the distance.  But you know what makes me less nauseated at his lack of fight? The fact that Obama's never been a fighterThat's our problem, we keep wanting to project our own traits on to the guy and he's not us.  Americans like fighters; you stand up to bullies.  Obama didn't do that.  So he lost a debate. has a good take. 

The other part about winning v. losing that had me so worked up was the fact that Romney got away with so many lies.  If someone lies, you call them a liar.  Romney was either lying to the remaining undecideds [really? who the F still doesn't know?!?] & hoping he'd fool them into thinking he's a moderate, or, he was lying to the base about everything else up to this point. 

The only real fall-out to this 3-round BS-fest will happen if Obama doesn't bring it to the next 2 debates; if he can't be bothered to break a sweat, he will lose.  TPM, though, already has 2 quick entries up today about what Team O recognizes they need to do.  Sure, it would have been nice to see it last night, live, as the debate was going on.  But I'm not moving to Canada just yet.  Speaking of our northern neighbor, there's a reason this stuff matters; it's called our physical health!  Mental health, that might be next. 

Update, finally - J (and pdm3), read this.  Money quote:

Romney won the debate in no small part because he adopted a policy of simply lying about his policies. Probably the best way to understand Obama’s listless performance is that he was prepared to debate the claims Romney has been making for the entire campaign, and Romney switched up and started making different and utterly bogus ones. Obama, perhaps, was not prepared for that, and he certainly didn’t think quickly enough on his feet to adjust to it.

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