Monday, November 9, 2009

Big Picture 1.0: I, Gluteus

Following the previous a$$-themed post, sometimes, irony can sound like a broken record. So can HIGHpocrisy. There have been instances of both throughout the health care debacle, but also, we've harped on the leadership question here many times. So it is time to trot out the attributes as outlined in an old post from last November [and courtesy of an even older column in the local paper]:
- leaders are globalists; leaders know themselves; leaders are coaches; leaders influence others; leaders manage change; leaders are strategic; leaders must be managers, too; leaders hold themselves and others accountable ("accountability overrides all other attributes") (our emphasis).
How many of these apply to Obama the President right now?

Or, see if you recognize this exchange from Rob Reiner's The American President (1995!) in any or all of the current uncivil discourse, to then guess where this country is headed.
[If we could figure out how to upload video, this would be more powerful]

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