Monday, November 9, 2009

Paranoia, self-destroyah

Mr. Krugman's column this morning, "paranoia runs deep", includes the recognition that the lunatic right fringe has no interest in governing. Glad he agrees with us.

Sadly, HHHighpocrisy can run even deeper: the House of Representatives (misnomer of the century), led by a woman, passed an apparently very bad anti-choice amendment in its health care reform plan. Many Dems were on board. Obama's press sec'rety Gibbs punted 4 times in questioning today. So because Rahm was around in '94 when the Clintons supposedly tried to bully their plan through, he's convinced Obama to do the exact opposite, and leave no footprint this time around? Sorry, but a big-a$$ footprint is needed more than ever, especially from the most competent among us, and especially up the big a$$e$ of countless others. We all know Obama's leadership style by now, however, is that he's not the a$$-kicker/name-taker/power puncher we were looking for. Our own paranoia is that rope-a-dope might not be enough to turn this sinking ship around.

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