Monday, November 30, 2009

post-turkey geeker

Queen of the Batshade quitting a 5k run halfway through? We get that. [Separate irony that she posed for the Runner's World picture she later objected to when it was used for the Newsweek cover - we sort of get that, too]

But the Commander in Chief escalating yet another un-winnable war for some godforsaken reason? We'll never get that, not in a million years. Which, by the way, humanity doesn't have. And we're not the only ones in shock over this awfulness. J, should we throw in the towel, raise the white flag or take some other action that rhymes with "quit"?

And here's the thing: it would be just as easy, more popular and the actual right thing to do, to withdraw all troops and end all wars! So, when we see glass-half-full lists like this, we have to raise a sobering few of our own, to show what might have been if only hope had met up with audacity: war crimes investigations/prosecutions, Gitmo, state secrets, rendition, DOMA/DADT, not enough stimulus, bank bailouts... and some of those are just things Obama promised during the campaign! Oh, Batshade Queen, end times indeed.

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